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Cupra sheet made that as pared to cotton. so , soft than pure cotton. and raw material of cupra sheet is short fiber collecting from cotton so, can make thin and durable thread. also, that have tasteful gloss and soft texture. that is in use to thin cloth, blouse, dress, underwear, lining more. that is premium material.

Cupra material is excellent permeation of essence compare with other sheet because that contain high moisture. also, that was made as 100% cellulose fiber. so, without stimulation on skin and that perfect adhere to skin so deliver active ingredient to deep skin.

It has tenfold moisture of self weight and upgrade water retention rate so, not dry easily your skin because high moisture retention capacity.

Contains Galactomyces ferment filtrate 82.36%

Skin lightening functionality is brightly reanimate to the skin tone.

Elastic mask pack is provide to nutrition on dull skin, It make to glossy skin.




Freshness that you have never imagined in your life.

cnk cosmedical's stared from different thought about cosmetics

This company started with creative and new idea that no one has ever imagined from slogan ‘Let’s make cosmetics that everybody can use but haven’t ever seen nowhere.’


Different thought from other people,

but It’s CNK Story to preserve tradition.